Monday, 23 January 2012

Cheers to an awesome DAKSH'12!!!

Here we go..this is gonna be the peppy start of our official DAKSH'12 blog!! Hey hold on to that thought there for a sec!this is not going to be another one of those mundane lectures on what DAKSH is and what  are its parts/components/clusters are for that matter!Rather here we are to spice it all up folks!Most of you must be knowing this year's theme but for the odd ones left out...the theme of DAKSH'12 is drum roll...ENGINEERING 360.Yeah,you got it right...its ENGINEERING EVERYWHERE (made it a lil too simple eh?!) And we guarantee you that there's something out there for everyone be it a nerd or a "non-nerd" for that matter!!Keep watching this space to get all your quick updates on what's new @ DAKSH and to keep yourself edu-tained(:P!!!)as well!! And not just on the cyber space but there's more to look out to on your favourite hangouts @  SASTRA too!Yes we are going to deck it all up to lighten up your festive spirits!so here is the deal...the GAME IS ON!!:D we'll catch u all soon...sooner than you expect!!;)
Devi & Ishwarya

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